Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy includes funds used by phd-monito to protect information that you can share with phd-monito when browsing this site. phd-monito undertakes to protect your personal information so that it will not be disclosed to other companies.

Information obtained for:

  1. To allow you to manage your account, basket and orders
  2. Track the status of your orders and shipments
  3. Communicate with our customer service
  4. Get access to the share button on social networks
  5. Get commercial offers sent by email, social networks and other media.
  6. Gather your feedback from cleinte (Trustpilot solution)
  7. See the ad on the site and social networks
  8. Adjust the content of the page and the information we send to you
  9. Fight against scams during the payment phase of the order
  10. Measurement of presence on site (mobile devices or computers)
  11. Create promotional games or contests

phd-monito can change the privacy policy at any time, updating the general
terms of use of the site. We recommend that you regularly check the content of this page to make sure you know of any changes.
To do this, all you need to do is send by email or mail, indicating your details and e-mail address. For more information, read the next paragraph.